The Biggest Loser Couple : Curtis Bray comment on important of health insurance

Curtis Bray, 36, who competed with his wife Mallory, 36, and started with a weight of 381 lbs., said, “I need to be 238 lbs. to qualify for health insurance.” When he stepped on the scale and realized he had lost 150 pounds for a final weight of 231 lbs., he pumped his fist and cried out, “Yes! Yes!”


One of the reasons the Brays decided to lose weight was because they were tired of not feeling well and being uncomfortable all the time. Mallory admitted that they would go out to eat a lot, which had a negative effect on their diet and health.

Curtis told me that before going on the show he was scheduled for gastric bypass surgery.  However, he decided not to go through with it because he wanted to make a complete lifestyle change so he could  take care of himself properly.   He mentioned that he was borderline diabetic and suffering from sleep apnea, which is when you stop breathing while you are sleeping. However, there was another, more important reason for him to lose weight; he had been denied health insurance and felt that without it, he would not be able to properly provide for his family.


Curtis at finale

Curtis and Mallory


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